A few things my clients have to say

Client Testimonials

A few of the amazing people who have changed their lives on my program.

Whilst on holiday - the classic 'Before' photo.
After minor adjustments to my diet, training and J.J.'s support and guidance.


"I find J.J. very considered in his approach... he helps you to set goals... and makes sure that you achieve them along the way."


"... he was especially helpful during my recovery from shoulder reconstruction. He worked in really well with my physio to get me back to full health safely and quickly."


"All the stuff he teaches me...I'm able to use during the week.."


“I have been training with J.J. on and off for the last two years. He has guided me through many different areas of fitness, from weights to cardio to help me achieve my goals in fitness and weight loss. He has used his wide knowledge of fitness training to help me find the areas that make exercising fun for me, rather than a chore. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” – Geoff

Personal training Cannon Hill QLD 4170 weight loss toned exercise strength Geoff after giving his all in a fitness session.
Personal trainer Cannon Hill QLD 4170 Fit health weight loss toned fitness strong healthy Kirrily after boxing training. 3rd Nov 2016

“J.J. has been my trainer for a couple years now and has without a doubt helped me achieve my fitness goals both physically and mentally. J.J. customises my exercise programs to my ever-changing fitness level and desired outcome. We set challenges and revisit them, breaking PB’s, there’s no better feeling!! J.J.’s friendly, energetic personality makes training comfortable and so much fun. He is always encouraging and is excited when you reach a goal!

I feel and look better than I have in years and I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks J.J.” – Kirrily Hayes, Kangaroo Point

“J.J. has taken me through many small group boxing classes. His encouragement and passion always shines through, making me train harder to reach my goals. J.J has always listened to how I want to transform my body and has adapted every session to accommodate those goals. I can see my body changing after training with him for only a few weeks, for this I am so grateful. Training with J.J. isn’t something I do every week because I have to, it’s because I want to.” – Sarah


Personal training Cannon Hill QLD 4170 Weight loss, exercise, fit, health, strong. Post boxing session with Sarah. 15th May 2018

“J.J. mixes up my training well – both in terms of targeting different areas on my different days but also changing the mix and nature of the exercises/machines. I can’t anticipate what my program will be until we’re actually doing it. This keeps things fresh and also makes it impossible for me to avoid things I don’t like (this is a good thing!).” – Nathan

“J.J. takes me through a good variety of workouts every week. He knows when to push but also knows when it’s too much and to pull back. His challenges are always good – brings out my competitive side.” – Megan

Murrarie weight loss personal trainer fitness exercise 4170 QLD Seven Hills Carina Cannon Hill Hawthorne Balmoral Bulimba healthy strength strong

“J.J. has good communication skills, is personable, well organised, and shows all-round attention to detail, eg. diet and home exercise.” – Steve

“J.J. is really great. He is funny and easy to get along with and he works me hard but not so hard that I don’t look forward to my next session.” – Georgia

Personal trainer Cannon Hill QLD 4170 weight loss toned exercise fitness strength Georgia showing off her muscles! 2nd May 2017

“I am thrilled with my results! Since training with J.J. I have lost 5kg of bodyfat, my strength has increased exponentially (ok, maybe not exponentially, but I am the strongest that I have ever been), and I have so much more energy! He has taught me to enjoy my workouts, and that exercise is a gift to myself. Now I look forward to the endorphin fix I get from a workout (is that bad?!!).” – Karen

“J.J. has been training my husband and I for 6 months and we love the way that he designs each session so that we are interacting with each other and having fun. But despite the fact that we spend a lot of time laughing and joking around, our clothes are always wet from sweat at the end of each session, and we have both reached our goal weight.

My husband and I secretly call him Gandalf (but not to his face – he’d get a big head).” – Trish

“Since working with J.J. I have lost my love-handles, and you can actually see my abs now. It’s nice when my wife comments – she now calls me Abs of Steel. It makes J.J.’s sweat sessions worthwhile.” – Abbott

“Thanks to J.J. I was able to break through a plateau in my strength training. I had been on 180kg on my deadlift for over three months. Within a few weeks of working with J.J. I began to progress again. The gains were small (which he explained right from the start would be the case) but they were consistent. My new PB is now 215. To keep me progressing, he is about to change my program again.

He has also been working with me on my benchpress. In the time that I have been training with him it has also increased from 110kg to 125kg.

I have learnt a lot since working with him, and the more I work with him the more I begin to understand the depth of his knowledge and expertise.” – Trent

“So happy! I feel great! I have lost 15kgs and I am confident that I’ll keep it off because I have finally learnt to enjoy exercise (thanks to J.J. and the work that he has done with me to change my mindset). He also has me looking forward to my meals (rather than feeling guilty every time I put something in my mouth).
Now I can do what J.J. says (Live the life you want to).” –