Strength Package
Focus on strength, core strength, hypertrophy or muscular endurance

Strength Package

Depending on your goals, programs can be designed to focus on strength, core strength, hypertrophy, or muscular endurance.

  • Includes an initial complimentary 30 minute consult plus strength testing (1-2 one hour sessions, depending on the size of the program required), and a program designed specific for your goals.
  • $100-180 (depending on the size of the program required), paid over two fortnightly instalments by direct debit.
  • If you do not have a training partner, further personal training sessions may be advised.
  • Scheduled strength testing (every two months), which will include a re-evaluation of your program, is advised.
  • A consult with a sports dietician is strongly recommended (details of a sports dietician will be provided if requested).