Get Fitter & Stronger

This option is suitable for those who are looking to increase their fitness, speed, strength or power.

You may be training for a sport, or for an upcoming event such as a fun-run or a marathon, or you just may be wanting to develop all aspects of your fitness.

I can teach you how often you need to be training, how intense, and what type of training you need to be doing.

Fitness      Speed      Strength      Power

For those looking to increase their fitness.

I will first assess your current level of fitness so I can determine what your next step should be. I will then show you what you need to be doing in terms of what type of exercise, the intensity you need to be training at, and how often you should be training. A program will then be drafted. If this is you, take a look at my “Fitness Package”.

If you are carrying injuries, I can show you alternative exercises that will not aggravate them. For those with weak ankles, you may be able to strengthen them – watch this video to see how.

If you are looking to increase your speed.

I will give you running technique drills and a series of power drills to go through. I will also give you a weekly program.

If you are looking to increase strength.

The first step will be to determine exactly what area you wish to become stronger in. Then I will go though a series of exercises with you that will work towards that goal, and show you how hard you need to be working. Once we have done this I will sit down with you and prepare a program. If this is what you are looking for, have a look at my “Strength Package”. This package is also suitable for those wishing to increase their muscle mass.

If you wish to increase how much you lift on the bench press and shoulder press, you may be limited by your shoulder stability. To learn one way that you can increase your shoulder stability, watch this video.

If you are looking to increase your squat depth, one of the factors that may be limiting you is your ankle flexibility. To determine if this is the case, you can perform a quick test. Watch to see how.

If you are a sprinter, or play a sport where power is important.

I can show you a number of different exercises that will develop your power, and devise a program that will work towards this goal. We will do a number of tests, record the results, then revisit those tests in six weeks to measure your progress.

There are a number of ways to develop power. Here is an example of one of many exercises that can be used to develop power.

Alternatively, if a package is not what you are looking for, contact me to book a session where I can go through what you want to know.

For more information on strength training, power training, and designing your program, click here.

If you are looking for some ways to make your workouts a little more interesting, watch this video.

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