New to the Gym

Don’t worry – I will be there to support and guide you

Exercising for the first time can be quite a daunting thing. Add to this stepping into a gym for the first time where everybody looks fit and seems to know what they are doing, and you probably feel like running back out the front door. If it is any consolation, many of the people that you see in the gym feel the same way. Most of them are there just trying to better themselves and are engrossed in doing their own thing.

When they first started out, many of my clients needed me by their side to feel comfortable in the gym, but within a few months of me guiding them and teaching them different exercises and how to use the machines, they became comfortable to step into the gym on their own.

“I have managed to lose the baby weight… I know you will be really happy working with J.J.” – Keryn


Renee’s Story

Another one of my clients, Renee is a good example of being nervous about using the gym. When she first came to me, she had never used a gym before. She was very self-conscious, but decided she needed to do something about her weight after she noticed she was no longer able to do the things that she’d once loved doing such as playing tennis with her friends. She had to leave the court one day because she needed a rest and was too embarrassed to go back when her friends invited her to play again. That was when she decided to join a gym and the gym assigned her a trainer (i.e. myself). 

A lot of the work that we did initially was around her mindset towards exercise and the gym. She started out seeing exercise as a chore and something that she needed to do. But now she views her time in the gym as time to work on herself and also as a bit of ‘me time’. Now she feels like she belongs when she walks into the gym, and her consistency has meant she has seen significant progress in her fitness and strength, and as a by-product of this she has lost weight. Thanks to her progress in her fitness, Renee is now happily playing tennis with her friends again.

Depending on what you think will help you feel comfortable, these are the options that I offer;

For further information, contact me and we can discuss your goals and begin to devise a plan specific to your needs.

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