Lose Weight 50-65 Year Old Females

The first step in your weight-loss journey will involve a consult where we will discuss what exactly you want to achieve, and where I will also learn what forms of exercise you enjoy (I will try to utilize this wherever possible as I need to make exercise sustainable for you if you are to see results in the long-term). 

I will also encourage you to undertake some weights training as part of your regime, as declining bone density is a factor that needs to be considered in the aging female population, and weights/resistance training will help combat this. Weights training also has the benefit of helping you tone up. If weights training is something that you find a little daunting, don’t worry, I will be there to guide you, and we will only undertake it if it you are comfortable with it, and if it is suitable for you.

Mary’s Story

Mary is a good example of someone who was reluctant to start training. I started training Mary after one of her friends recommended to her that she at least speak with me. Mary was very hesitant about using a personal trainer again after having a bad experience with an over-exuberant young trainer who would push her beyond her capabilities, and she ended up injured. I explained to her that we would need to take things slow until she recovered from her injury, and also recommended that she see a physiotherapist and a GP to get a referral for some scans to see exactly what was going on. 

To her credit, she followed my advice and after some scans were done, the physio was able to devise a plan for her rehabilitation, and he was also able to give me an indication of what exercises would be suitable for her until she had recovered from her injuries. Once we had this sorted, Mary began to relax because we avoided exercises that caused her pain, and she began to enjoy exercise and the satisfaction that it gave her each time that she finished a session. We finally got to a point where she was able to walk for at least an hour without aggravating her injury, and this was when she formed a walking group with her friends. They now meet three times a week and enjoy getting out in the evenings when the weather is pleasant. Plus, it is a chance for her and her friends to get together.

These are the options that I provide;

For further information, contact me for a free consult.

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