Lose Weight 40-50 Year Old Males

A high proportion of men in this demographic have knee and lower back issues, so this may need to be taken into account when designing an exercise program for you. Where possible however, I will recommend incorporating whole body strength exercises as part of the larger program that I will design for you to encourage muscle growth (increasing muscle mass increases metabolism).

If you find the idea of strength/weights training daunting, don’t worry, I will only incorporate it into your program if you are comfortable with it, and if it is suitable for you.

“J.J. mixes up my training well – both in terms of targeting different areas on my different days but also changing the mix and nature of the exercises/machines. I can’t anticipate what my program will be until we’re actually doing it. This keeps things fresh and also makes it impossible for me to avoid things I don’t like (this is a good thing!).” – Nathan


One man’s journey from obesity to running the Boston marathon

Here is one man’s story about training for the Boston marathon to get healthy as well as raising money for research for cystic fibrosis which his niece suffered from.

These are the options that I provide;

For further information, contact me for a free consult.

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