Lose Weight 65+

Increase your quality of life

If losing weight will help you to be more active, I will show you ways to exercise safely. And as no doubt you are probably aware, as you age your bone density decreases and breaks from falls becomes more of an issue. Exercise can slow this process. It will also extend how long you can enjoy the important things in life, such as being able to do things with your grandchildren, or travelling. 

A friend of mine, Dale, is a good example. After his toddler grandson had a party for his 2nd birthday, the little fellow is always going on about “Party?” and “Cake?” Now he always wants to party. Dale wants to be able to stay mobile enough so that he can still play with his grandson (and party).

I can put you in small groups of people of similar age if you enjoy the social side of exercise, or I can train you one-on-one if you need more personalised attention.

These are the options that I provide;

For further information, contact me for a free consult.

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