Some of the people i have worked with

Whilst on holiday - the classic 'Before' photo.
After minor adjustments to my diet, training and J.J.'s support and guidance.


"I find J.J. very considered in his approach... he helps you to set goals... and makes sure that you achieve them along the way."


"... he was especially helpful during my recovery from shoulder reconstruction. He worked in really well with my physio to get me back to full health safely and quickly."


"All the stuff he teaches me...I'm able to use during the week.."


my clients having a little fun

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Train in the gym, the park or at your home! Whatever suits your needs.

No matter what your goal is, I will work with you to help it occur. 
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Personal Training

Train one-on-one or with a friend.

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Boxing Training

Boxing is fun! And it will get you fit.



Find a training mode that’s right for you.

Take a positive step towards your goals

JJ Ellis Personal Trainer

Increase Strength and Power

JJ Ellis Personal Trainer

Injury Prevention and Mobility

JJ Ellis Personal Trainer

Lean Up and Tone

JJ Ellis Personal Trainer

Increase Fitness and Strength for an Event

JJ Ellis Personal Trainer

Learn to Enjoy Exercise

JJ Ellis Personal Trainer

Manage Health Issues

A little bit about my background & Qualifications

  • Australian Universities representative for Rugby League
  • Rugby League Committee President at UNE
  • Trainer of State Fitter Faster Stronger Winner in the Novice Category
  • Guided multiple clients along their path to weight loss
  • Guided multiple clients to getting fitter, stronger and faster
  • Worked in conjunction with physiotherapists to manage client’s injuries
Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness

Cert. 3 and 4 in Fitness

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TRX Certified

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Boxing for Fitness Certified

Bachelor of Rural Science

Bachelor of Rural Science

Here is a story about how quickly your body can respond to fitness training

A little while ago one of my friends started a three month fitness program. I have been involved in the fitness industry for more than ten years, and before that I had been playing sport and competing from a young age. During this time, I have seen how my own body responds to fitness training, and also observed countless others respond to fitness training, but I have never seen someone respond as quickly as my friend. 

Four evenings out of seven he would do the 20 minute workout set out for him, and then he would measure his heart rate. He would be puffing and panting at the end of the session, but when he measured his heart rate again in a minute, his heart rate would have reduced. The degree of his fitness is measured by how much his heart rate drops within that minute. When he first started the program, his heart rate would be around 170 beats per minute (BPM) at the completion of the workout, and then when he measured it again in a minute it would be around 152 BPM. However, within a few weeks it was dropping to 136 BPM within a minute of finishing the workout. He was recovering much quicker. But not only this, he was also completing more work during his workouts. 

This response can be attributed to a number of physiological processes going on within the body. Two of these processes are the production of more mitochondria within the cells (these are the energy factories of the cell), and also the growth and strengthening of the fourth ventricle of the heart (this is the ventricle that pumps blood around the body). The combination of consistently doing his workouts, and reducing how often he visited Hungry Jack’s, meant that he dropped 6kgs within 2 months. But the thing that I find most satisfying is the way that he moves now – he has more energy and vigour.

Need a periodic check-up?

If you have only just started your fitness journey and are still a little uncertain about your technique with certain exercises, you can book in for periodic check-ups. 

Why wait? Put on your runners and let’s get started!

Free first session to discuss your goals and to see if I am the right person for you.
J.J. Ellis,
Personal trainer

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen